Samples of diverse sound identities:

sonic logos

Like the 5-note jingle that says "T-Mobile," the 4-note quip that brings to mind "AT&T," the NBC Nightly News' musical call to action...or the train tune at Denver International Airport: does your brand need a signature sound that creates an emotional connection with your audience and contributes to recall and engagement?


To complement your visual logo and messaging, think of an audio logo as a sound identity that sets a particular mood and unifies your presence in TV and radio advertising, corporate videos and presentations, as well as ringtones, on-hold music, and other online and mobile adaptations.

Top-notch composer John Heins creates tailored sound sequences that evoke the essence of our clients' brands as part of an immersive brand experience – whether you need a few notes or a distinctive sound, or a fully-orchestrated sonic brand.


In addition to working with John to create your royalty-free sound identity, I conduct brand audits and develop sound guidelines to ensure consistent application of your brand at all appropriate touchpoints.


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Sample sound identities:

SabineInk sonic signature.
Sonic logo for clothing retailer.
Demo for trendy entertainment venue.
Demo for leading supplier of Western-style beans.
Demo for ski industry client.
Musical track for a TV ad. Client is an award-winning print company.