book editing & ghostwriting

I edit and ghostwrite book manuscripts. I also write book jackets and author bios, and accompanying summaries, indices, captions and more. 

  • arts & humanities

  • autobiographies (the chronology of your entire life in your own words), biographies (the story of your life in someone else's words) & memoirs (a specific aspect of your life)

  • business, leadership, management & career

  • corporate & families histories

  • diaries & journals

  • health & well-being

  • inspirational, motivational & self-help

  • poetry

  • religious & spiritual

  • travel


developmental editing

When your book has been written, an editor is important to evaluate and critique your manuscript, and suggest revisions; ensure continuity and a logical flow; establish a consistent voice; and fact-check to confirm accuracy, and to demonstrate credibility and believability.


advanced/structural editing

This level of editing includes rewriting portions of a manuscript to resolve problem areas – from awkward sentence construction, ineffective language and unclear wording to repetition and redundancy, lack of focus and unorganized presentation of ideas.


copyediting/line editing

Once your manuscript is in good shape, I ensure subject-verb agreement, and correct verb and noun tenses; as well as precise grammar and spelling, and uniformity in format and style (e.g., consistent use of capitalization, italics, quotes, numbers, bullets, etc.).



To ensure overall clarity and readability, proofreading comprises light editing of a well-written and mostly edited manuscript to catch overlooked grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, as well as word omissions.

"I had the incredible good fortune of working with Sabine as my colleague to finalize the manuscript of our first book – we couldn't have accomplished this feat without Sabine's editing help. She put her heart and soul into our book and was terrific to work with! She is precise, professional, creative, honest, passionate and dedicated." 

Alexandra Mitchell

" of the most pragmatic and meticulous editors I've encountered. The relationship extended beyond editing, as she grew with the project and believed in the cause. She has been insightful and supportive in every step of the work, and continues to add to the journey with business savvy. An absolute delight to work with."

Michael Ditchfield